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Tips For Going Live On Xbox

Microsoft’s Xbox One includes a feature called Live broadcasting that allows you to share your gaming sessions with friends, family, or the entire world via the service. Here’s a quick primer on how to start broadcasting your Xbox One gameplay to the world.

What You Need to Go Live on Xbox

In order to start broadcasting your gameplay to the world on Xbox, you’ll need a few things:

-An Xbox One console connected to the internet via Xbox Live

-An account on (this is where your gameplay will be streamed)

-The free Mixer app installed on your Xbox One console

Once you have all of the above, you’re ready to start streaming your gameplay! Just follow the steps below:

1. Open the Mixer app on your Xbox One console.

2. Sign in with the Microsoft account that you use for Xbox Live.

3. Select “Create new channel”.

4. Choose a name and image for your channel, then select “Create channel”.

5. To start streaming, select “ Broadcast”.

6. Select “Start Broadcast” when prompted.

7. You’re now live on Mixer! To end your broadcast, just press the home button on your Xbox One controller, then select “Stop Broadcasting”.

How to go live on xbox

Going live on Xbox is a great way to share your gaming experience with friends and the world. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

1. Decide where you want to go live. You can go live on your own profile, on a friend’s profile, or in a game lobby.

2. To start broadcasting, open the Guide by pressing the Xbox button on your controller.

3. Go to the Broadcast & capture tab and select Start broadcast .

4. If you’re going live on your own profile, select an audience for your broadcast: Everyone , Friends only , or No one . If you’re going live in a game lobby or on a friend’s profile, your audience will be set to Friends only .

5. To stop broadcasting, open the Guide and go to the Broadcast & capture tab . Select Stop broadcast .

Tips for Going Live on Xbox

1. Go to your dashboard and sign in. If you’re using a Kinect, you can say “Xbox, go to Settings” to get to the right place faster.

2. In the settings menu, select “Privacy & online safety.”

3. From there, select ” Xbox Live privacy.”

4. Make sure the first setting, “Profile & privacy,” is set to “Everyone.”

5. Scroll down to the ” Xbox Live communication” section and make sure the following settings are turned on:

-Incoming voice and video

-Voice and video content created by me

– Voice chat with friends

– joining or creating parties with friends

6. Once you’ve made sure those settings are turned on, scroll down to the bottom of the page and select “Done.”

7. Now it’s time to launch the Twitch app! You can find it by saying “Xbox, go to My apps” if you’re using Kinect, or by selecting the icon from your dashboard.

If you don’t have the Twitch app installed, you can download it for free from the Xbox Store.

Make sure you’re signed in with your Xbox Live account before launching Twitch — that way, it’ll be much easier to go live later on.


We hope you found this guide helpful! Going live on Xbox is a great way to share your gaming experiences with friends and followers. Remember to follow the tips above to ensure a smooth and successful broadcast. If you have any questions, feel free to leave a comment below.